We would like to welcome you all to the 20th Gwangju International Interventional Cardiology Symposium (GICS 2022) here in Gwangju, a city rich in cultural heritage and the economic and educational hub of the southwestern part of Korea.

GICS marks its 20th anniversary this year. Since 2003, this annual symposium has made great strides and now encompasses innovative research from basic and translational science to clinical investigation in the realm of cardiovascular medicine.

We hope you will enjoy this three-day, comprehensive and well-rounded scientific journey, replete with thought-provoking talks on the most recent advances and issues, together with animated discussions among an impressive array of scientists from 14 countries. Further, the symposium will feature live case demonstrations, oral presentations, posters, and educational sessions for health professionals and local residents.

We look forward to gaining invaluable experience and advice from the distinguished experts at this conference, and hope that the symposium will, overall, prove informative, interesting, and useful. It is our wish that we will all leave this meeting not only much better informed, but perhaps a little wiser.

We wish to thank all participants from home and abroad for their interest and efforts in helping us make this conference possible despite the difficulties we have faced since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been hosting this symposium both virtually and in person over the past three years, but we hope to have the pleasure of meeting you all in person at our next symposium here in Gwangju, Korea.

Thank you very much, and best wishes